Šta da?

Literally translating as 'what yes?', 'šta da' is an idiom peculiar to Rijeka meaning something like 'you what!?' or 'really, you don't say!'. You will hear this only in Rijeka.

Many use Rijeka as a jumping off point, but that is a mistake..Those who pause and spent more than just one night will discover charm, culture, good nightlife, intriguing festivals and Croatia’s most colourful carnival, Riječki karneval , if you come in February;)

There are many things to see and do in our lovely town. We will give you some ideas:

Korzo. Everyday life happens here on this main city promenade. The Korzo is a pleasant, pedestrian area full of café terraces and shops and it's always busy. Ok, maybe not when the wind Bura is blowing:)

Trsat castle. From this point, you can see the whole Kvarner gulf! One way to get there is to scale the the steep staircase from Titov trg. But don't do that if you are not in good physical condition:)

City clock tower. The symbol of Rijeka. This was originally the medieval entrance to the town centre from the waterfront.

St. Vitus Cathedral, a church since the Middle Ages.

Central market. Vivid and colorful place, where you can buy local and domestic products, fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as fresh fish! There are aslo few popular restaurants with domestic food. Eat there, as we locals do;)

Carneval. If you’re going to visit Rijeka, the prime time would be for February’s Carnival. The biggest of its kind in Croatia, Rijeka Carnival has ballooned into a major international happening attracting more than 100,000 visitors!

But this is not all..This is just a beggining;)








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